Friday, February 26, 2010

Avalanche Ciwidey

The number of victims who have found 30 peoples

Bandung, as many as 5 new victims buried in the Village of the Gods landslide, Tenjolaya Village, Sub District Pasir Jambu Bandung again found. Until the total victims found in up to 30 people.

"In total today to 30 people," said Kasie Governance Sub Pasir Jambu, Kosasih when contacted by telephone.

Kosasih revealed officers had succeeded identified five new victims are found. They are Enah (60 years), Asmi Aryl (3), Kirina Mamat (4), Mendi Domo (13), and Dasep Nardi (4).

"There are reports found five more people, all dead and have been identified," he said.

Until now, the search for the victims is still done by using the help of heavy equipment. Currently, the total heavy equipment used in the form of fruits 3 backhoes. Previously, only two that can be used beckhoe.

"Heavy equipment adds another one," he said.